An artists statements:

I'm currently working with wine, wooden furniture and shoe brushes.   

Have you smiled today? This great and beautiful creature will help

It's all about having fun and being nice to each other. 





Thee Drinkers, Mercer Chance Gallery, July 2016


Drawn II, Appach Gallery, Brixton, August 2015

Night, Warehouse 1, Peckham, April 2015

Secret 7, Somerset House,  April-May 2015

Tracing Perception, 504 Space Gallery, March 2015

Drawn, Number 57 Gallery, February-March 2015

Secret 7, Mother London, April 2014

Advent, Lik Neon, December 2013

Summer, Peckham Platform, August 2013

V&A Friday Late, Peckham Takeover, V&A Museum, July 2013

Secret 7, Mother London, April 2013

Toyshop at Pick Me Up, Somerset House,  April 2013

Clay Pipe, HFBK, Hamburg, February 2013

Mixed Special, Red Gallery, July 2012

Camberwell Degree Show, Camberwell, June 2012

Premiere Japan Film Festival, Barbican, November 2011

Stuhlgang, New Gallery, Peckham, March 2010



Royal Drawing School (6 month Scholarship)

Camberwell College of Art

Falmouth College of Art



Kyoto Seika University, Japan, Commissioned by the British Council, July-August 2011.